WERA issues statement over ambulance crossing live trac…

WERA issues statement over ambulance crossing live trac…

Track riding, and especially racing, is never risk-free, but the danger presented by riding a motorcycle flat-out on a race track in even the safest-possible circumstances means that any added risks must be avoided. 

Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and certainly that reality has been highlighted by a video posted online by a motorcycle racer in the US. 

The video has been shared fairly widely by now, including by 2022 Daytona 200 winner Brandon Paasch, who wrote on Instagram “This actually might be the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while,” and that “this kinda [thing] is why the Europeans don’t like racing in America.”

It is a truly crazy video. As the rider, identified by Road Racing World as Daniel Alexander, makes their way onto the front straight, everything seems normal, and they accelerate up to over 130mph as an ambulance pulls out onto the circuit. Alexander reacts in quick enough time to avoid hitting the ambulance, but his own Instagram post says that his Yamaha R1 track bike is “totalled,” even though he himself avoided serious injury. 

On a separate post, of the same video, made by Ricky O’Hare, Ken Friedl commented, saying he “watched” the incident happen, and that another bike was also involved, out of shot from the on-board on the Yamaha R1. Friedl said the bike on the right side hit the ambulance and caught fire, but its rider was able to get off the bike before the impact. Road Racing World has identified the second, unseen, rider as Dwayne A. Brown.

Both Brown and Alexander were racing in the Novice class of the Open Superstock Expert and Novice WERA National Challenge race at Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia. Fortunately, both riders are reportedly okay.